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Edible Art Studios
E.A. Studios (Edible Art Studios) is just that, edible art. People often say "It's too pretty to eat!" but the truth is our cookies are delicious too! 

I have a passion for baking and I would love for you to experience our great flavors and fun designs and share them with those most special to you.

I learned my love of baking from my grandmother who is now with Jesus, but her techniques, flavors, and baking styles will live on with me, my children, prayerfully my grandchildren, and beyond.

To know how to cook and bake is an essential life lesson that everyone should take pride in and pass down from generation to generation. It's a tradition of love that lives on and creates lasting memories. I can still remember the beautiful aromas of my grandmother's kitchen that immediately transported me back to her kitchen.

We hope our passion for creating delicious treats and the baking confidence you gain through one of our cookie classes will inspire you and your family to cook and bake together as often as possible.


When you share your creations with others you are sharing blessings of love from hand to heart.

 A little history.


I made one of my first cookie sets with Kimberly Rebarchik from R. Shoppe; before we were any kind of shop.


Aren't they Beautiful? I went to bed and forgot these cookies in the oven, but praise the Lord I smelt the burning cookies before anything bad happened. 

This just proves that everyone starts somewhere and it can only get better from day one!

I thought to myself I could try to do cookies. So, I started practicing for friends and family, just as a hobby, and turns out I was improving ...

Made my first paid order and discovered royal icing, and the rest is history. 

Edible Art Studios

Celebrating 10 years!

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